The Web Founder

The Webmaster

Mr.Mustapha Louznadji
Miss.Kheira Mezough

Former teacher of English, Founder and  President of the Association of Teachers of English, former Inspector of National Education, TEFL Teacher, Online Course Facilitator, Website Founder, Web co-designer, but still a very active educator who keeps on trying to innovate and share with Algerian supervisors, foreign educational experts, Algerian teachers and student-teachers. Now, working as an educational consultant and a freelancer.

Through his devotion, passion  and wisdom, he demonstrated great professional, pedagogical and technological skills.

He keeps on doing research to respond to teachers’ and students’ needs, and he translates all his experience through creative projects that have helped everybody overcome the challenges of  the reform in education.

The web designer of Elt@lgeria is a teacher who has always been fond of ICTs. She remarkably updates her technological skills and overcomes the challenges of 21st century education.

Though constantly online, Miss.Mezough remains on top of her profession, she keeps on trying to innovate in her teaching techniques and strategies. She creates a lively learning atmosphere and encourages her students to get engaged in their own learning.
Miss.Mezough is always engaged in creative and gloabal collaborative projects.

Awards, Grants and Achievements

Outstanding Achievement Award

Outstanding Collaboration Award

E-Teacher Program Scholarship

SUSI Program Scholarship

FATE Boot Camp

Future Algerian Teacher of English Boot Camp is a blended learning program which is sponsored by the US Embassy .

The goals in this project are to train  future teachers, particularly ENS students from the whole country , both online and face to face, to become masters of their own fate in the field of teaching  , and empower them to take actions  and respond to the requirements of 21st century education .