13 Years of Outstanding Achievements

ELT@lgeria web site had been created on December 17th, 2007 before it was launched on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008.

Since then, many Algerian committed educators have been collaborating to maintain the site and keep it updated.

Many rubrics have been added to the site to respond to teacher and supervisor's needs.


Every month, the web is browsed by more than 1,500 visitors from Algeriaand many other countries.


ELT@lgeria team keeps the educators updated with what happens in classrooms, in teachers' and supervisors' professional development as well as  the whole world of ELT.   

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About Us

It all started with two educators: a teacher and her supervisor:

Mr.Louznadji, the founder of the website was overwhelmed with teachers'reflections and enquiries needless to talk about their creative contributions to the professional development courses he had organized. Openminded as he has always been, he kept open doors to communication with all the teachers through a special e-mail box he named "ELTCell", but his need to share with more and more teachers and students urged him to think of creating an online space.

So, in collaboration with Miss.Mezough, the teacher who has been under his supervision for a decade, the two educators worked for months till they fixed a website for the whole country named ELT@lgeria.

The website was launched on Tuesday, January 22nd, 2008. And since then, the team members have been improving it by adding new rubrics and creative teaching materials dealing with different educational and pedagogical issues. They also keep in touch with more than 1100 registered members via weekly newsletters that reach many teachers all over the country.

All along half a decade, many teachers  have contributed exam papers, lesson plans and printable documents...

ELT@lgeria has been living online outstanding achievements for four years, it has been increasingly visited by educators from all over the world.

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13 Years of Experience

Our Website was launched in January 2008.

Team Of Experts

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Thousands of Resources

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 Hello everyone on the ELT@lgeria Team,


Congratulations on this wonderful accomplishement. The successes you have achieved reflect the hard work and vision that you all have put into this effort. 


And, as important as this 6-year milestone is for you, it is even more important for the students and teachers with whom you have worked. They are the true beneficiaries of your work. 


Thanks for continuing to put teachers and students first as you move into future years! May there be many more!!!

Edward Gragert,

Edwin Gragert, PhD
Virtual Coordinator

Education International 


Six years is some achievement!  Very well done.
What will you have learnt by the end of 2014?  
Six years is some achievement!  Very well done.
What will you have learnt by the end of 2014?  
Where will ELT@lgeria be then?

Where will ELT@lgeria be then?
Wishing you continued success on your 'learning journey'
Best wishes 


Phill Silvester CBE

Phill Silvester Educational

Consultancy Ltd

Since its inception in 2008, the site has carved itself a respected reputation.
The initiative  of the 'initiators', under the guidance of Mustapha Louznadji,who deserves all my gratitude and respect, has added motivation and incentives to participate actively in professional development activities and educational issues.It has also  reduced isolation and enhanced productivity.
I hope ALL the colleagues throughout the country will get involved. Thank you Mustapha,thank you the team, thank you colleagues.

Seddik Ammari Inspector of National Education