ELT Algeria Network is pleased to announce that the 4th  ELT Algeria Conference will be held in Algiers from December 25, 2022 in the afternoon ( Check in ) to  December 27, 2022 in the afternoon ( Check out).

     The 4th ELT Algeria Conference is an important, in-person gathering where educators and student-teachers from around the country can share experiences and learn with each other.
The theme for the 4th ELT Algeria conference is

               “Changes, implementation and New Challenges in Education and Teaching”

     This conference will bring together educators to discuss how they will continue to improve their professional development and reinforce classroom practices  between practitioners from different sectors. It seeks to provide answers and explore the processes, actions and challenges teachers may face daily. Our goal is to connect teachers from all sectors, student-teachers, practioners as well as researchers and lecturers who are interested in exploring and giving their contribution in educational issues.
The host venue for the conference is Numidien Hotel – El Hamiz, Dar El Beida, Algiers

                                                                                                                  The Conference Organizing Committee