Call For Paper

The world of education is dynamic and ever-evolving. The continuous changes in the field of education lead educators around the globe to gather in order to identify the challenges and address pressing concerns. ELT Algeria conference gathers annually practionners from around the country  to work on new trends in order to meet 21st century teaching skills as well as learning multiple intelligence.

Our goal is to equip teachers in the field with new assets to provide  quality education for the future good citizens.

    The 2022 ELT Algeria Conference will be held on March 20-23, 2022 in the National Training Institute for Educators (ITE) in Blida.

    The theme of the conference is

     ‘Values and Innovation:

        Modern Trends Towards Efficacious Teaching and Learning Practices’


– Creative Teaching Methods 

– Educational Games as a Learning Method 

– Extracurricular Activities 

– Life-Long Learning 

– Innovative Teaching Model 

– Collaborative Project-Based Learning  

– Experiential Learning 

– Critical Thinking and Problem Solving 

– Curriculum Design and Lesson Planning 

– Pedagogical Innovations 

– Blended Learning 

– Classroom Management

– Incorporating Moral Values in Education 

– Teaching Morals, Values, Ethics and Character Education in EFL Classroom

 – Evaluation and Assessment 

– Project Work Assessment 

– Collaborative Learning

– Collaborative Learning Assessment

-Self-Evaluation Skills 

– Standardized Testing 

-Best Practices in Teaching Writing Effecively

– Student- Teacher Relationships 

– Teacher-Teacher Relationships 

– Co-Teaching

-Teacher Wellbeing, Its Effects on teaching Practice and Student Learning

 -The importance of Teacher Wellbeing

 -The Key to Sustainable Teacher Wellness in School 

– Psychological Impact of School Conditions on Teachers

    Welcome to the 3rd ELT Algeria Conference. Join us as a speaker, share with us your expertise in the field of education and be an important agent of change.

     If you are interested in presenting, we invite you to focus on the topics mentioned above.

    Before submitting your abstract, please follow the proposal/abstract submission Guidelines:

    Your submission should contain the following:

– Name, institute affiliation, email address and phone number for all authors

– Paper title

– Abstract of not more than 200 words : we encourage you to send an informative abstract which is a summary of your paper’s substance with background, purpose, methodology and conclusion.

         Write to   if you have any question before you send your informative abstract.

– A brief biography of no more than 100 words with your picture

– References

             *These points are to be completed clearly in the Call For Paper form


Important Dates

Abstract submission is done electronically: Complete the Call For Paper form and submit it.

·         Submit your abstract, biography and picture before  January 07, 2022

·         The conference will run from March 20-23, 2022


  Any proposal that is NOT related to the theme of the conference won’t be accepted.The paper review process for acceptance or refusal will be done after the deadline of the proposals’ submission by independent referees who are knowledgeable in the pertinent subject area. Please, consider the following criteria:

The proposal review process is based on the following criteria:

o    Is the topic of the proposal/workshop relevant to the theme of ELT Algeria Conference? Value and Innovation: Modern Trends Towards Teaching and Learning Practices

o    Is the content of the proposal well thought out? Does it clearly describe the target issue stated in the suggested topic?

o    Are the proposal’s objectives clearly stated? And can they be achievable, measurable and timely-oriented?

o    Does the proposal mirror the methodology to be used? Is the workshop format clearly stated? Does it describe, for example, how the attendees will be organized? How about the physical setting of the conference room?

o    Is there diversity in the workshop delivery? How does the speaker intend to deliver his/her workshop within 45 mins?

o    Does the proposal inspire the reviewer? Is the reviewer excited to learn more about it? Is it worth being presented at the 2022 ELT Algeria Conference?

o    Does the speaker propose something new that goes beyond what has been done before? Does the reviewer feel that there is something original and innovative?



o    ELT Algeria Conference will use a “blind review” process where the authors’ names are not revealed to the reviewers.

o    Proposals are not accepted after the deadline.(January 7, 2022)

  • ELT Algeria Conference will not accept proposals if the  required approved number by the Review Committee is reached before the deadline.

o    Please, do not submit a proposal if you are not sure to attend. It might be a serious problem for the organizers if the workshop is cancelled after it has been accepted and listed online.



     Thank you for your interest in our Call for Paper, and we look forward to working with you.

ELT Algeria Conference Committee